If this house has termites.. You wouldn't know it.
We don't just tap walls - we use the latest technology!
Termite Barriers

Welcome To Brisbane Termite Services

Brisbane Termite Services provides professional and personalised termite inspections, termite treatments, termite control and termite barriers for your home, commercial or industrial property in Brisbane. Operating since 2000 with 17 years experience.

Brisbane Termite Inspections & Checks

We only use the latest and most accurate detection technology during your termite inspection. We use a combination of a Termatrac device (that picks up movement, sound & moisture) and a thermal image camera heat device to ensure your termite check is thorough. We provide a full written report with our findings and recommendations simplified in plain English.

Termite Treatment & Eradication in Brisbane

We are very experienced in all types of termite treatment and eradication for residential, commercial and industrial properties in Brisbane. Our specialists will use the most effective treatment methods based the type of building that is infested and where they have been detected.

Did you know? A home insurance policy does not usually cover termite damage.

Brisbane Termite Control, Barriers & Prevention

Our termite barriers provide optimal termite protection and termite control and last up to 8 years depending on variations on soil conditions.

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